Your chance to Be part of a $1.3 billion industry.
The OmBex value proposition was designed with the success of potential re-sellers in mind.
  • White Label and competitive Wholesale pricing.
  •  24/7/365 re-seller support 
  •  Full Staff training.
  •  Marketing training and support
  •  Support in how to incorporate Ombex with your current product offering and to create value.
  •  Telecommunication re-sellers.
  •  IT networking consultants, Computer Network engineers and more.
  •  If you are working in an industry of telecommunication, network maintenance, IT consulting and management. Anything to do with telecommunications and computer networks this is for you. 

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SD WAN & Network Security
  • Founded in 2012, 
  •  Became a worldwide re-seller for leading SD-WAN manufacturers in 2015
  •  Installed and managed nearly 550 SD WAN endpoints for clients in the healthcare, insurance, and hospitality industries
  •  Package the CybX suite of virtually hack-proof Internet security technologies in one rack-mounted appliance 
  •  Replacing four to six appliances currently used in most WAN networks 
Launching January 2018
  • OmBex Limited is a collaboration between two leading companies in the USA
  •  CybX Security, which specializes in attack and penetration prevention and Omega TeleServe, one of the first independent Telco companies to embrace SD-WAN. 
  •  Provides a new revenue opportunity for the channel which has never seen before 
  •  White Label opportunity with highly competitive pricing
  •  Recurring revenue streams
  •  Marketing support
  •  24/7/365 support
Defend your company
  • CybX Security was founded in 2016
  •  The first company to integrate technology solutions that are certified “Quantum Safe” by NIST, ANSI and ISO standards.
  •  Acquired six immune architecture patents,and developed strategic partnerships with several corporations specializing in disruptive security technologies 
  •  CybX Security offerings represent a dramatic shift in the way networks are protected 
  •  CybX Security has become the world-wide leader in Attack & Penetration software
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