Quantum Browser Controller
Why is Anonymous Browsing With Ombex Quantum Browser Protection unique?

IP Address Masking

Websites you visit cannot determine your IP address. Instead they only see the IP address of CybX Security’s cloud server from which you are browsing.

Browser Agent and Operating System Masking

Websites you visit do not see the user agent (UA) string from your real browser. Instead they only see the UA string of the CybX Quantum Browser Protection custom browser running on the cloud server, so they cannot use this information to identify or track you. 

Masking of Entire Browsing Environment

In addition to your operating system and browser’s user agent string, CybX Quantum Browser Protection masks your entire browsing environment. 

Automatically Rotating IP Addresses

CybX Quantum Browser Protection leverages our expansive cloud network to automatically move from server to server.

Automatically Deleted Cookies and History

At the end of every browsing session, the CybX Quantum Browser Protection virtual environment is completely destroyed and rebuilt.

Tracking Cookie Prevention

CybX Quantum Browser Protection has a built-in ad blocker, which further increases your online anonymity by preventing trackers from following you within the same browsing session.

Managed Misattribution

CybX Quantum Browser Protection offers the ability to let users misattribute their browser traffic to a geographic location of the user’s choice. 

Not a Proxy

CybX Quantum Browser Protection is a fully isolated remote web browser. It is not a proxy. As such, it is not identified as a proxy by proxy detection technology. 

Doesn’t Leak Information

The biggest benefit of CybX Quantum Browser Protection not being a proxy is that it doesn’t leak your information because it is not susceptible to typical proxy vulnerabilities like DNS leaks and WebRTC leaks.

Protection from Web-Based Malware

CybX Quantum Browser Protection’s unique isolation-based security design means users do not have to worry about malware infections revealing their identity to their targets, or even worse, giving their targets access to their data.