Revolutionary Mobile Data Security with Quantum Flare
Quantum Flare

App Gatekeeper & Permissions Suite

Scans all apps on the Smartphone (OS, OEM hidden apps and user installed apps) and ensures they are not malicious, fake or a threat. 

Network firewall

Quantum Flare blocks entire internet access for apps that do not require it - for example the Flashlight app needlessly seeks permissions to monitor your phone calls or text messages.

GeoIP Sensor

Allows you to monitor the Geo location of the servers all the apps are connecting with.  

Sentinel Behavioral System

Quantum Flare monitors all the activities and events of the suspicious app and kills it. This ensures the app cannot monitor another app.

App Resource Monitor

Monitors and analyzes the system resource usage as a function of the actual time spent by the users interacting with each app. 

Enterprise Client Portal

Provides centralized monitoring of end user privacy and security breaches. The admin can create rules that can be pushed remotely to end user devices. 

Ombex Portal

Consists of two key engines. The first engine profiles every app listed on a store (Play Store) or side-loaded, as well as OS/OEM hidden app bundles. Based on the profile, each app is further monitored within a virtual environment to observe any deviation.