Frequently Asked Questions
Last Updated on May 02nd, 2018
How do I download the Ombex Quantum Flare for Android?
1. go to play store and search for 'Ultimate privacy solution' or click submit payment for a device subscription
2. Visit and follow the steps to download the app.
  What does the key icon on my phone mean? 
The small key icon that appears usually on the top of your Android screen is a notification from Android that a VPN connection has been made.
  What is a VPN?
Quantum Flare uses a VPN to secure your connection. This takes all of your internet traffic and creates a tunnel around it so third party snoopers cannot see your network traffic. Quantum Flare also uses the VPN to enable our Blocker.
  How do I turn off the VPN?
To turn off the VPN, open the Left Navigation Menu, and click the “Blocker” toggle under the “Master Controls” section.
Why app ask for your permissions?
Quantum Flare app needs permissions to provide the protection. Access to your storage to save tracker definition file, access to your phone details for authentication purposes and VPN access to locally monitor all network connections on your device
Is Quantum Flare an ad blocker?
Quantum Flare is a privacy and security solution. We provide the most effective protection from trackers and malware attacks. Using Quantum Flare will block most ads since most use targeting or tracking strategies that get weeded out by our privacy algorithms. We are also the leader in customization and control, meaning that you can adjust your protection levels to see more or less ads. One more thing - unlike most ad blockers, we don't whitelist (the practice of allowing certain companies to track and advertise in exchange for payment)
Is Quantum Flare an anti-virus?
No - most anti-virus programs are focused on the detection and removal of the virus. Ombex believes “prevention is better than cure” and is the most effective solution for preventing bad cookies, trackers, and rogue websites from connecting to you. We are a pre-emptive strike against malicious activity.
Can I change or cancel my Quantum Flare membership?
Yes, you can change or cancel your Quantum Flare membership anytime. Upgrades can be done anytime and are effective immediately. Downgrades and cancelations can be done anytime but are effective as shown in the chart below:

Subscription Month: The month in which your subscription is activated. 30 day cycle time.

Subscription Start Date: The month begins with the date account was activated. E.g. if the account is activated on January 14, January 14 is the first day of the Subscription Month.

Subscription End Date: The month ends 30 days after the Subscription Start Date. E.g. if January 14 is the start date, February 13 is the end date. 

Why should I allow required 3rd Party content on my computer?
Some sites use 3rd party content such as fonts, videos, images or process monetary transactions using a 3rd party service such as PayPal & YouTube for video hosting. We allow most of the required 3rd party content identified by the website for it to function properly. But there is no standard protocol and website owners mislabel or incorrectly tag URLs knowingly or mistakenly.

The Browser Controller will block all trackers in its tracker definitions library whether it is required or not by the website. Then it is up to the member to allow or block these specific trackers or 3rd parties.
  What is meant by “Attackers Blocked?”
This represents the total number of attempts to access your devices from all websites and services. The same websites and services usually make multiple attempts. So you can have 1 domain doing 20 attempts etc.
  What are protection levels?
Protection Levels are a way the user can choose what kind of blocking algorithm the app uses. Do you want more domains blocked for more privacy and are willing to deal with some obstacles caused by this? Choose Advanced! Otherwise choose Standard. If you don't want any blocking, you can turn the blocker off.
  How do I uninstall Quantum Flare Android?
You can find the uninstall option in multiple places; The Google Play Store page, The Android App Settings Page, or in later versions of Android you can tap and hold the App Icon and drag it to the uninstall button.
  How do I change to Expert or Auto mode?
You can find this option by opening the Left Navigation Menu, then clicking “My Settings”.
Why can't I install the app after I download it from the website?
You will need to give turn on 'unknown sources' to install an app as the app is not being installed from Google's Play Store. You can turn it on by going to settings-> security —> Unknown Sources
Why do I need the Quantum Flare Ultimate Privacy Suite?
Three reasons: Privacy. Security. Performance.
Privacy - We give you the opportunity to browse the web, buy products, read the news, and use your favourite apps in a safe and secure environment, without the fear of intrusion, tracking, and theft of personal information.
Security – Ombex’s technology not only blocks trackers but prevents connection to rogue third party sites where malware attacks may originate.
Performance - The sheer volume of blocked trackers and connections results in faster page loads, less data consumed, and longer battery life
Does Quantum Flare track what I’m doing?
Absolutely not! Not now, not ever. We are different from other companies in that we will sacrifice analytics and profit in order to be faithful to our highest values of trust and privacy. Our promise to you is that: 1) We won’t' track you, 2) We won't collect your information, and 3) We won't sell out to advertisers. This is a legal guarantee.

Please see our Terms & Conditions & Privacy policy at the bottom of each page.
Why is the Browser Controller not working properly?
Be sure you have enabled the extension in the Chrome Settings.
Your anti-virus or firewall might be blocking some features. If all else fails, please contact us at [email protected]
I forgot my username/password. How do I reset them?
Click on “Forgot Username/Password” at the log-in screen
Why do I keep getting the message that username/password is wrong?

It could be a few things:

1. Probably a wrong username or password. For security reasons we don’t tell you which one is wrong.
2. Your account might be locked. If you had 5 failed attempts at logging in, please wait 30 minutes, try again, or reset your username & password.
3. Maybe you don’t have login credentials. Send us an invitation request and we will send you an invitation to register.
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